Liquor License

Businesses selling alcohol within the city limits must first apply for a city liquor license. All businesses selling alcohol must apply for a state liquor license with the Missouri Division of Liquor Control. To be in compliance with state statutes, any business possessing a state license to sell liquor must also be granted a county liquor license prior to selling alcohol. County licenses and fees are based on the license type issued by the Missouri Division of Liquor Control. Applications are available in the County Clerk’s office.

Liquor licenses expire annually on June 30th. Renewal applications should be received prior to expiration. Any applicant with outstanding personal or real estate taxes due will be reported to state liquor control for their consideration on issuing state licenses.
Steps to applying for a county liquor license:

Pay county real and personal property tax

Must possess a state liquor license prior to application for county license.

Liquor license fee must be collected at time of application

County licenses will be issued upon proof of possession of state license.

Questions regarding state liquor licenses may be directed to Division of Liquor Control at (816) 889-2574.