If you are a victim of a crime, you have rights, too! The Prosecutor’s office has a victim-witness assistance program. Ms. “Peggy” Schenker serves as an advocate for victims and witnesses and provides guidance through the maze of the criminal justice system. Contact the advocate: [email protected]

As part of services to victims, the prosecutor’s office also participates in various programs to benefit victims, and to educate those who have victimized them, including:

Victim Impact Panel: a two hour course for persons convicted of alcohol related traffic offenses.

Batter Intervention Services: a 30-week  program for persons convicted of domestic violence crimes.

Domestic Violence Task Force: the prosecutor and the victim/witness advocate are members of a task force which seeks to find way to more effectively address domestic violence. If you are a victim of abuse by a family member, and need shelter, contact the Moss House at 667-7171

Financial management: Education for those who write bad checks.

Missouri VINELink  is an online resource that allows you to search for information regarding an offender, case or protection order. It is provided to you as a compliment to the existing MOVANS service in your area.