Bad Checks

In the 2003, the Prosecutor’s Office collected and returned to area merchants $160,2430.66, for checks that were written but not paid.

It is estimated that our office is given the opportunity to collect only 1 in 3 bad checks given in Vernon County. The rest are handled by private collection firms. Our service costs the merchant nothing!

We are entitled to collect from the check writer an additional fee for the merchant as well as a fee to help fund the operation of the Prosecutor’s Office. We use these fees to pay for staff salaries and office supplies. If you want to help your county tax dollars go further, let us have the chance to collect your bad checks. We have a complaint form for you to complete and sign when you bring us your check. We cannot collect all checks, but we’ll be glad to talk to you if you have received a bad check to see if we can help.

As always, we are very thankful for those merchants who send their checks to us for collection. Merchants should remember to get identifiers when you take the check: Name, Address, Drivers License, Phone, and Social Security Number.