Land Records

Land Records     

This office handles all land records for the county.


Fee schedule for submitting documents:

Real Estate:

  • standard document fee
    • first page——————————————————————————$24.00
    • each additional page—————————————————————$3.00
  • non-standard document fee (in addition to standard fee)—————$25.00


  • first page (18×24 inches)—————————————————————$44.00
  • each additional page——————————————————————–$25.00
  • first page (24×36 inches)—————————————————————$69.00
  • each additional page——————————————————————-$50.00


  • first page (18×24 inches)—————————————————————$24.00
  • each additional page———————————————————————$5.00
  • first page (24×36 inches)—————————————————————$29.00
  • each additional page———————————————————————$5.00

Copies—————————————————————————————$1.00 per page

Certified copies—————————————————————————$1.00 per page

                                                                                               +$1.00 for certificate

Uniform Commerical Code: 

  • Effective July 1, 2001, all UCC filings are to be filed with the Secretary of State, except for termination of UCC’s already filed (RSMo 400.9).

Notice of Tax Liens:

  • Federal tax liens—————————————————————————-$9.00
  • Federal tax discharges———————————————————————$7.50
  • State tax liens——————————————————————————-$3.00
  • State tax discharges————————————————————————-$1.50