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Prosecutor’s Office

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Welcome to the Office of the Prosecutor for Vernon County, Missouri.  I am your Prosecutor Brandi L. McInroy.

The prosecutor is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the criminal law. Every case involves the most important rights guaranteed to crime victims and defendants: freedom. The prosecutor’s job, as defined in the rules and standards for prosecutors is not to secure a conviction at any cost, but to do justice.

The prosecutor bears the entire burden of a system designed solely to protect the rights of the accused. There are no second chances (double jeopardy) and there is no right for the state to appeal . The performance of the prosecutor is therefore absolutely critical. The prosecutor’s knowledge and skill are all that stands between a criminal and his freedom.

Link to Missouri Courts:  CaseNet

Child Support

The Child Support enforcement Unit (SEU) uses the tools of its office to secure wage withholding orders to enforce existing orders. The SEU can establish child support payments through an administrative order. If paternity needs to be established, the case comes to our office to file and prosecute a lawsuit to determine paternity and to …

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Back Taxes

The prosecutor is required by statute to assist the Missouri Department of Revenue in the collection of past-due taxes and to the State of Missouri. If you receive a letter from us concerning past-due taxes and you wish to pay them, we can enter into a payment plan with you. Some special benefits accrue to …

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Bad Checks

In the 2003, the Prosecutor’s Office collected and returned to area merchants $160,2430.66, for checks that were written but not paid. It is estimated that our office is given the opportunity to collect only 1 in 3 bad checks given in Vernon County. The rest are handled by private collection firms. Our service costs the …

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Docket Information

Please contact the Circuit Clerk’s Office for court date information on the following: Circuit Criminal Law Days Associate Court Criminal Law Days Traffic Court You may also view court docket information on the OSCA website: www.osca.state.mo.us Click on casenet. The Prosecutor has no authority to grant a defendant an extension. If you are a defendant …

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Juvenile Crimes

Crimes perpetrated by persons less than 17 years old are handled in the Juvenile Court. Criminal charges against juveniles are initiated by the Vernon County Juvenile Officer. The Juvenile officer may be contacted at 417-667-5015. The juvenile officer is responsible for initiating action to certify a juvenile as an adult. If that happens, charges may …

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Probation Info.

For parole and probation information please call the Missouri State Board of Probation and Parole at 417-448-1250.

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Traffic Tickets

This office has a written policy which addresses how we handle speeding tickets and DWI Tickets. The written policy insures everyone is treated equally. Most traffic fines are now paid to a central fine collection agency in Jefferson City. If you choose to plead “not guilty”, you must follow the instructions you received with your …

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If you are a victim of a crime, you have rights, too! The Prosecutor’s office has a victim-witness assistance program. Ms. “Peggy” Schenker serves as an advocate for victims and witnesses and provides guidance through the maze of the criminal justice system. Contact the advocate: victims@vernoncountymo.org As part of services to victims, the prosecutor’s office …

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